The World's Best All-Natural Skin Salve

Our salves are made with only all-natural ingredients.

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Goodbye Dry Skin

Handmade in the high desert of Arizona, Squirrel's Nut Butter restores and repairs dry skin.

Restore Your Skin

Athlete Approved

Tested by athletes in grueling conditions around the world, our slick salve keeps you chafe free all day.

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About Our Products

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Weather Resistant

Our products withstand the toughest conditions. In the heat of the desert or the monsoons of the high country, our salve stays slick and effective.

Multi-Purpose Usage

Prevent and repair. Use our salve as an anti-chafe product to prevent chafing and blisters, or use it to repair and restore dry, irritated skin.

No Squirrels Harmed

We only test on consenting humans. No squirrels were harmed in the making of our products. We let squirrels be squirrels.

Only Natural Ingredients

Our products are made with all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax & vitamin E oil. If ingredients aren't natural, we don't think they're good enough for your skin.

Repair And Restore

Originally designed to repair and restore dry skin, including conditions like eczema, our salve harnesses the properties of natural ingredients to improve skin health.

No Chafing, No Blisters

In the heat of the desert, the monsoons of the mountains and everywhere in between, our slick salve keeps you free of chafing and blisters all day. 

Special Edition Sticks

We partnered with a local running group called the Coconino Cowboys to bring you a special edition SNB stick signed by all five members who competed at the 2018 Western States 100. One of the Cowboys, Jim Walmsley, won it all in course-record time.

What People Are Saying

We're blushing.

I had a terrible rosacea flare up before my trip. My $600 ointment wasn't helping so my friends had me try Squirrel's Nut Butter. I had no ill effects, so I purchased a container when I returned home. After four days my skin that was like sandpaper is now smooth, soft and with zero irritation!

Our daughter has struggled with severe diaper rash. We had tried everything from all the diaper creams to natural solutions. Nothing worked. A family member had a sample of SNB they received at an Ultra race and recommended we just try it. We started using SNB and within a day or two her rash was completely cleared up. VERY thankful our family found this company!! 

I am an ultra-runner who logs a lot of miles, which includes running doubles most days with a pack because I run commute to work. Squirrel's Nut Butter soothes my skin and protects me from the chafing I used to experience on a daily basis. Thank you very much for a quality product.