The Future of SNB

The Future of SNB

At Squirrel’s Nut Butter (SNB), we're continuing to commit to the communities we serve. Since day one, SNB has taken a customer-first approach in an effort to eliminate dry skin, chafing, and blisters. We think life is hard enough without skin irritation, and for seven years we’ve been committed to improving your skin health.

Now, in addition to sponsoring and volunteering at events, as we’ve done for years, we’re taking steps to actively grow, engage, and serve our community like never before through our recently unveiled SNB Innovation Run Club. The online club is founded on the idea of mutual exchange and benefit. Joining is easy, too: Just connect your GPS watch, and you’re in the Run Club. Then, the benefits begin. 

Click here to join now!

Run Club members receive…

  • Personalized messaging, deals, and offers based on run experience, location, and frequency,
  • Automatic eligibility and enrollment in monthly community challenges, like Greatest Distance Month and Highest Elevation Month,
  • Advanced notice of our events schedule, where you can meet our amazing staff in person to talk about running, training and all things lube
  • Info about new product launches, including our green initiative and the steps we’re taking to eliminate plastic containers.

This is all made possible by the sharing of running activity data (distance, duration, elevation, etc.) by anyone who uses an Apple, Garmin, Suunto, Coros, or Polar GPS watch. In our mission to serve our community better, as the Innovation Run Club continually grows and develops, we look forward to sharing all the amazing initiatives that are now possible.

The more we know about your running, the better we can serve your needs. Join us by connecting your GPS watch HERE.


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