Our Story

At Squirrel’s Nut Butter (SNB), we make the world’s best all-natural, anti-chafe, and restorative skin salve. How did we get here?

Our skin salve was created to repair and restore dry, irritated skin. The co-founders' daughter has eczema, and they wanted to soothe it. Over-the-counter ointments and steroid creams weren't working. So, one of the co-founders, Stacy, set to work in her kitchen and eventually concocted a winning recipe. Thanks to the healing powers of all-natural ingredients, their daughter's eczema was relieved.

It was another year before SNB was officially formed. That's when Brian Marshall, nicknamed Squirrel, used our slick salve on a mountain bike ride instead of his usual anti-chafe stuff. It worked better than the usual stuff. The co-founders wanted to make the world a chafe-free place, but they needed to name the product before marketing it. Squirrel's Nut Butter was born in honor of the man who dared to use our skin restoration product unconventionally.

Since 2015, we've kept your skin healthy and free from chafing and blisters. Athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and skincare fanatics have utilized the preventative and healing effects of SNB in running, cycling, triathlon, hiking, and everyday life. Since our early days, we've also expanded our product line beyond the original recipe. Our products now include Happie Toes, a foot-specific salve blended with peppermint and tea tree oils, Saddle Butter, an anti-chafe blend also loaded with peppermint and tea tree oils.

Let's stop chafing, blistering, and dry skin for good together. Help us share the SNB love widely and liberally. Stay lubed, friends.

Squirrel's Nut Butter Team - Chris Thornley

Chris Thornley

Squirrel's Nut Butter Team - Stacy Thornley

Stacy Thornley


Our Founders

Chris & Stacy Thornley had no intention of starting a company. Seriously, it was an accident. Stacy wanted to help their daughter's dry skin condition, so she concocted a healing salve known as Squirrel's Nut Butter. It was only later that they discovered the salve's superior anti-chafe powers. They wanted to share it with the world, and SNB was formed.

Stacy is a wound care nurse with a passion for skin health. She is the mastermind behind our products. Stacy engineered versions of our current products from the kitchen in her home. She continues to brainstorm new ideas and spread the SNB love.

Chris is an energetic tradesman who has spent significant amounts of his life rock climbing, running rivers, running trails and sailing. His seven winter solo raft trips through Grand Canyon on the Colorado River constitute some of his most outstanding achievements. Chris is also a volunteer with Coconino County Sheriff's Search and Rescue. He manages the day-to-day operations at SNB with a smile on his face and tireless energy to spread brand awareness around the globe.

Happie and Tanner hang with Chris each day at the office and usually join him at most of the events that he attends. Timber (see below) was a wild squirrel that was rescued and released back into the wild after 55 days of care. Timber and Happie were best buddies!

Our Difference

At Squirrel's Nut Butter, we believe that natural ingredients are better than synthetic ones. That's why we use only all-natural ingredients in all of our products. If it's not natural, it's not good enough for your skin. That's what we think.

We believe that your skin deserves the highest quality product with no compromises. That's why we oversee every step of production. We hire local people in Flagstaff, Arizona to label our containers, we mix and pour our ingredients ourselves, and we fulfill and ship every order.

We believe that community is important. That's why we sponsor running, cycling, triathlon and other events around the country, and we volunteer at events in the southwest. We invest our time and energy in the endurance community because we see the value in supporting the people and events that support us.

Most of all, we believe that everyone should have healthy skin. Our products aren't just for preventing skin damage. And they aren't just for repairing damaged skin. Our products were intended to both prevent skin damage and repair and restore damaged skin. We do it with all-natural products that keep your skin healthy throughout the day or night.

That's the Squirrel's difference.

Our Athletes

At Squirrel's Nut Butter, we've supported athletes from day one. After all, it was at the 2015 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run that our product was first put to the test by Matt Keyes, a 10-time Western States 100 finisher. Since that storied day years ago we've committed to helping athletes achieve their goals and avoid post-race shower yelps. From Western States 100 winners, U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials qualifiers, and world record holders, to ultramarathon finishers, serial marathoners, back-of-the-pack runners, hobby joggers, avid volunteers and race directors, we believe it's important to keep everyone free from chafing. That's why we have more than one-hundred ambassadors around the country.

Our athletes climb mountains, circle tracks, blast down roads and maneuver through boulder fields. They play in the snow, sing in the rain and bask in the heat. They test our products in every condition imaginable. Through it all, we keep them free from chafing and blisters. When our many ambassadors tell us their tales of great feats, they do so with healthy skin and a smile on their face. We smile back.

Thanks to all of our athletes--PRO Squirrels, Squirrel Elites, Flagstaff Squirrels and Squirrel Ambassadors--for staying lubed and smiling with us.

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