Dog Days of Summer: Heat Rash Prevention and Remedies You Need to Know About

Dog Days of Summer: Heat Rash Prevention and Remedies You Need to Know About

Do you know that between 10-20% of the people in the USA suffer from heat rash?

Since the sun shall be in full glare this summer, you will need to practice good skin care and heat rash prevention strategies. Heat rash is among the most uncomfortable conditions brought about when you’re exposed to the sun.

You're still at risk for heat rash (also known as miliaria and prickly heat) during the hot summer months. There are different types of heat rashes depending on the level of obstruction of the sweat duct.

Read on to learn about heat rash prevention and the remedies!

Heat Rash Prevention Tips

Under normal circumstances, sweat produced in your body reaches your skin and evaporates. When the sweat glands beneath your skin are blocked, the sweat cannot reach your skin surface. This will result in an inflammation called a heat rash.

You may end up with tiny, red blisters or bumps on your skin, which often feel itchy. The affected areas may also have little or no sweating.

These are some of the things you can do as an effort to preventing heat rash:

1. Avoid Hot and Humid Conditions

Some types of weather conditions may make you prone to getting heat rashes.

During hot and humid weather, your body may sweat. Since the humidity keeps your body cool, the sweat may not evaporate increasing the chances of having a heat rash.

2. Use Air Conditioning

In case you are in a room or your car, you should keep it well-ventilated and allow air to circulate. You can use fans or air-conditioning machines to keep air flowing.

The main thing is to keep your body cool and to allow perspiration to happen. Also ensure that your sleeping area is well-ventilated in the same manner.

3. Use Mild Soaps

You can take a cold bath or shower and allow your skin to air dry. It is important to note that since human sweat has high salt content, it may cause a reaction if you use soaps that have fragrances.

Therefore, you should use mild soaps because the chance of any irritation occurring will be minimal.

4. Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes

What you wear is also important to consider during the summer. Choose clothes that allow your body to 'breathe' and allow the sweat to easily escape from beneath your skin.

By putting on loose-fitting clothes, you will allow air to circulate and the sweat to evaporate! This eventually prevents the occurrence of heat rashes. When sleeping, you should also dress lightly for the same type of reason.

If you are taking part in outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, or running, you should dress comfortably and also use anti-chafe products. Anti-chafe products come in tubs or sticks and assist in avoiding painful skin damage.

5. Practice Good Skincare

Just as you remember to practice good body care by exercising and staying hydrated, you ought to practice good skin care. Your skin is your body's largest organ and it functions to keep you protected from the conditions you’re exposed to.

Although you are to keep your skin protected from the sun's ultra-violet rays over summer, do not apply heavy lotions and creams which will clog your sweat ducts. Avoid ointments and creams that have mineral oil or petroleum ingredients.

It is also advisable that you use natural skin care products. These are generally safer to use than other products that may be comedogenic. 

Treatment for Heat Rash

Skin rashes are an uncomfortable thing to deal with. In some cases, they may lead to the swelling of lymph nodes, lesions that may have pus, and crust formation. Obviously, these are not things that a person would want to deal with!

This may be in addition to the usual symptoms of the rash, such as increased swelling, redness, and pain.

Children may experience fever as a result of heat rashes. However, while heat rash commonly happens in babies, adults are also prone to getting heat rashes.

The conditions such as being overweight, living in hot and humid areas, overheating of your body, experiencing decreased sweating, engaging in intense physical activity, and being on bed rest increase the chances of one getting heat rash.

The following products can assist in the treatment of heat rash if you happen to get it.

1. Salves

You may have to visit a physician if you have extreme heat rash. They may recommend that you apply a salve on the affected skin area.

The salve may be an ointment, balm, or cream that will soothe and protect the affected skin area.

2. Calamine lotion

This lotion is among the topical therapies that are effective in treating heat rashes. It can calm and cool the itchy and irritated skin. It also helps in easing the itching!

3. Creams

Your doctor may also recommend that you apply creams that contain anhydrous lanolin. Aside from it being a moisturizer, it helps in preventing blockage of your sweat ducts.

However, if you are sensitive to wool, avoid products that contain anhydrous lanolin. It could cause a reaction on your skin that is quite unpleasant. 

4. Hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream is a type of mild steroid. It is used to reduce inflammation, redness, and itching that is caused by various skin conditions. However, you should only use this as prescribed by your doctor and do not apply it on your face or underarms if the doctor has not advised you to do so.

If you are under medication and experience extreme heat rashes, it would be advisable that you visit your doctor again. Also if a child has heat rash symptoms and observable infections that last for several days, you should take them to the doctor right away.

After treating the heat rash, you may practice preventative measures by keeping your body cool and comfortable. Wear light and absorbent fabrics such as cotton. Staying hydrated will help you to maintain cool body temperatures.

Use Genuine Products for Heat Rash Prevention

Everyone hopes to enjoy their summer but you should not ignore the chances of suffering from a heat rash. However, with the following heat rash prevention tips, you can easily bask in the sun while enjoying the outdoor fun activities.

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