Holiday Deals

Holiday Deals

Hey there Squirrel friends & family!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we want to make sure you are all stocked up on Squirrel products for gifting (or self-gifting)! Lucky for you, we have some holiday deals going on, for all your seasonal needs...  Check these out, the head on over to our store to get these Holiday Bundles before they're gone!


Pass The Peppermint

Get all the peppermint-infused products we know you need, and save $7.20.

4.0 oz Happie Toes Tub, 2.0 oz Happie Toes Tub, 2.0 oz Saddle Butter Tub 


Vegan Bells

The most vegan-friendly, anti-chafe bundle out there, with savings of $4.05. 

1.7 oz SNB Vegan Stick, 2.0 oz SNB Vegan Tub 


Happie Toes

Twice as many chafe-free feet, twice as happy. Happie the dog says it all. Save $4.20!

2 x 2.0 Happie Toes Tub


Chill Out & Warm Up

Peppermint for your chill, cayenne & chiltepin peppers to keep you warm, plus $6.00 of savings to keep you extra cool.

4.0 oz Happie Toes Tub, 2.0 oz Born To Rub Tub 


Hats Off

Spread the SNB love on your noggin' & save $5.00!

1 SNB Hat 


Merry Shredmas

Shred all winter long! Save yourself an angry bum and $4.05!

1.7 oz Saddle Butter Stick, 2.0 oz Saddle Butter Tub



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