Our Favorite Salve To Prevent Chafing

Our Favorite Salve To Prevent Chafing

Whether you are off on a marathon or enjoying a gentle jog around the park, there is one thing that can really cause irritation.

And we mean real irritation — to your skin.

We’re talking about chafing. This sore and irritating skin condition can make working out a real nightmare. Luckily, there is an answer to solve this painful problem. 

A great skin restoration salve can help soothe the pain of chafing and prevent it from happening again. So, if you are looking for a way to salve your chafing issues, then read on to find out more about our favorite sport care skin savior! 

What’s the Deal With Chafing?

You know how it is. You work yourself up ready to take on a hike, an epic cycle ride, or a run, getting all your gear in place. 

You stretch, hydrate, lace up your sneakers, and take off. All is going great. You’re feeling the endorphins flooding through your body — then you start to feel something else. And this doesn’t feel good. The dreaded runner’s rash has started to creep up. And it burns.

What Is Chafing?

Chafing is an unfortunate side effect of exercise and endurance sport. When skin rubs against skin, or fabric excessively (combined with a lot of sweating), it can cause your skin to itch, sting, and burn. This sensation is quickly followed by a red, raised bumpy rash that can be extremely uncomfortable to touch.

Even though most people experience chafing in between their thighs, it can strike anywhere on the skin. As your whole body sweats during exercise, some people get chafing on their thighs, under their arms, on their feet, even in between their fingers. 

This can make for a very unpleasant workout session! 

Prepping your skin properly can help prevent chafing, and is the first step in endurance sport care. 

Best Ways to Prevent Chafing

Of course, there are some key steps you can follow to avoid chafing, but one of the best ways to prevent that itchy, sore skin, is to invest in a great anti-chafing cream or salve.

Squirrel’s Nut Butter All Natural Anti-Chafe Salve is a must-have for anyone who suffers from (or wants to prevent) chafing — whether you are a woman who hates that rubbing feeling at the top of your thighs or an athlete looking to soothe those pesky rubbing rashes after an endurance run.

Soothe With a Salve

What makes Squirrel’s Nut Butter Salve so good? Its all-natural formula acts as an anti-chafing barrier for your skin. The coconut oil and cocoa butter act as a barrier against sweat and the beeswax holds all those good ingredients in place.

The bottom line? Slick it onto any area of skin that is prone to chafing or heat rash. Your skin will not only be soothed, but it will help prevent further irritation. Oh, and it also smells great, but that’s just an added bonus.

Your sore skin will feel pampered, protected, and ready to take on your next 10K!

If you want to protect as you go, then pick up our anti-chafe stick. This handy salve stick is perfect for slipping into your pocket or your bag, and applying while you are out and about. Just give it a twist and slick it on. 

Caring for Chafed Skin

Before applying salve to an area of skin that has become chafed, you should ensure it is clean and dry. This can help prevent a possible infection.

Give the area a little wash using warm water and fragrance-free soap. Although this might cause a bit of additional stinging, it is essential that you clean the area of any dirt and sweat. Once you have cleaned your skin, pat it dry (don’t rub it! Ouch!) with a clean towel. When the skin is totally dry, apply the anti-blister salve and put your feet up for a rest. You deserve it.

Because our salve is all-natural, you can apply it whenever you want. 

Chafing tip! Don’t forget, preventing yourself from becoming dehydrated can also help prevent chafing. When your body is hydrated, it dilutes the salt in your sweat. If there is too much salt in your sweat, then chafing can get worse, making it more itchy and sore. 

Other Salve Uses

You can get even more from your salve, and use it in other areas of your body. Are you prone to shaving rash? Apply the salve to your face or body and kiss raised, bumpy skin goodbye. 

Or what about dry, cracked skin on your feet? Slather the salve on daily, and you will soon be blessed with smooth, silky feet.

When the summer rolls around, our skin naturally sweats more. This can be a disaster for people wearing skirts, dresses, or shorts. There isn’t a fabric barrier protecting the skin, so, inevitably, it rubs together, causing friction, irritation, and chafing. This moist environment also makes skin prone to getting a yeast infection. So, stop it from happening by applying a soothing layer of salve. 

In fact, you can use the salve pretty much anywhere on your body. If you suffer from sensitive skin, then you can feel confident using it, as there are no harsh chemicals to cause reactions.

Say Ciao to Chafing

When pain and irritation get in the way of doing the thing you love, it can turn your hobby into a bit of a chore. Give your skin the love and protection it deserves with our all-natural salve, and get back out there, working up a sweat without having to worry about chafing.

Sound good to you? Then why not head over to our online store and check out our favorite anti-blister salve, balm, and stick, and enjoy a chafe-free life!


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