Stay Chafe Free This Winter With Our Anti-Chafe Sticks

Stay Chafe Free This Winter With Our Anti-Chafe Sticks

It's winter. That means colder temperatures, shorter days and perhaps less motivation. The change of seasons shouldn't bring a change to your routine. And if you're reading this, that routine probably includes applying the world's best all-natural anti-chafe salve before activity. 

As you keep free from chafing and blisters this winter, we suggest that you use our anti-chafe sticks. While we recommend that you store our all-natural skin salve at room temperature, during the winter you'll often use our products at a trailhead, in the car or some other place exposed to colder conditions. 

Since our product includes only natural ingredients, the consistency of our products changes with the temperature. As temperatures drop, our salves harden. As temperatures increase, the consistency of our salves becomes softer. It's a lot like natural peanut butter: softer and more malleable when it sits on the counter, harder and difficult to penetrate when left in the refrigerator or another cold place. 

But even when our product firms up, it will soften when it comes into contact with the warmth of your skin. That's why our anti-chafe sticks are ideal in cold weather: pop the cap, roll the product above the edge of the stick, place the firm product onto an area of skin that's prone to chafing, wait a few seconds and then begin to spread it. It then applies smooth like butter!

For more information about the best container for your next adventure, check out our FAQs section. Or go straight to our shop and grab some anti-chafe sticks to keep you free from chafing and blisters this winter. 

Stay lubed, friends.


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