Running Away from Chafe: The Top Ways to Prevent Chafing When Running or Walking

Running Away from Chafe: The Top Ways to Prevent Chafing When Running or Walking

Chafing. Burning thighs.

Pure and utter discomfort entirely too close to other important areas. Chafing doesn't just happen on the thighs though. Chafing plague the armpits, groin area, and more.

What can you do about chafing? Who suffers from it the most?

While most people think about the thighs when they think of chafing there are other areas like the armpits and groin area. If you experience chafing in certain areas it can actually be a sign of serious medical conditions.

Chafing can stop you from doing things you love like going for walks or runs, biking or other physical activities. Continue reading this article to learn how to stop chafing and get your groove back.

Chafing Chafing Go Away

While we may all wish that chanting would chase the chafe away, that isn't going to happen. We've got to get creative so we don't start a fire with our lack of thigh gap or have to walk like a penguin because our armpits hurt to touch our bodies.

Use the following tips to get the relief you crave.


Lack of hydration can cause big problems and one of the problems it causes is skin irritation. The reason lack of hydration causes problems is because the liquid goes away and salt crystals are left to cause chafing.

Whether you're on an intense run like our friend Patrick or if you're taking a stroll with the dog, you can still work up a sweat. Staying hydrated will help you keep from experiencing the chafe so keep the water handy.

Stay Dry

Do everything you can to stay dry and avoid chafing. You can use powder or starch that helps with keeping your chafe-prone regions from chafing. If your skin is sensitive, stay away from powders or starches that have scents. 

Use Lubrication

Lubricating the area is by far the most successful way to decrease and even erase chafing. Imagine a beautiful run without having to worry about dealing with the pain of chafing midway through.

Using an anti-chafing salve is the easiest way to stop the chafe and get on with your life.

Choose the Right Clothing

You might notice you chafe more than usual when you wear certain clothing. This extra chafing is not a coincidence and there are certain types of clothing that help you stay away from the pain of chafing.

One solution that is designed specifically for those dealing with chafing is moisture-wicking mesh. You can find these in various products, but the one most people use are worn over the underwear and under the rest of your clothing. It helps move moisture away from the problem area.

Fabrics without exposed seams are also important. If you have a seem that continues to rub you in a certain area, that is going to cause irritation which can then lead to chafing. Light and airy clothing will allow you to get more air to the places that are chafing so reduce the tightness of your pants and other clothing and let the air in.

How to Recover from Chafing

Let's say that you're already dealing with chafing. How do you recover from chafing? This condition is painful and can cause problems with walking, sitting, turning and other things you want to do in your daily life.

If you are in a new relationship, chafing can cause problems. You don't want to tell them about your chafing issue but you don't want to push them away. There is help. 

When you use one of our salves, they help you bring your skin back from the chafing episode. You may normally be very safe and make sure that you're prepared with powders to keep from chafing and the right clothing. All it takes is one good walk in the heat without your chafe defense and you're in pain.

Act Quickly

When you're walking, running, working out or some other activity that causes you to chafe, as soon as you feel the chafing coming on, you need to act. Clean the area using soap and water and pat dry. You need to bandage the area immediately.

If you have to keep going, you can use one of our anti-chafe products, but you should stop and take care of the issue as soon as possible. Check to see if your garments are too tight or twisted, so they don't rub and irritate the chafed area.

When you feel chafing coming on, if you're able to change the activity even slightly, you may be able to keep chafing at bay. Let's say you're walking on a treadmill at the gym, instead of walking the treadmill, could you ride the bike instead?

You're still getting the physical exercise you need, but since the actions are very different in how you're moving your body, you may save yourself from chafing.

Chafing Is Like an Open Wound

While you don't want to be overdramatic, chafing is like an open wound. You need to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get worse. Most of the time, you're going to be able to easily treat it, it will scab over and the scab will fall off in a couple of days.

The only time you need to see a doctor is if the chafing isn't going away and it looks like there is an infection. If the area you're experiencing chafing in is infected, you need to speak to a doctor about the best course of action.

The best thing to do is to avoid chafing altogether, so it doesn't escalate to a doctor situation.

Never Deal with Chafing Again

If you are tired of chafing issues, we understand. We help people just like you through our all natural anti-chafe products. You can also see our other products that help you as you're restoring your skin.

Your skin is your largest organ and the first thing people notice when they see you. Taking care of painful problems will allow you to look and feel good in your own skin. Check out our anti-chafe products today.


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