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Anti-Chafing Cream: It's Not Just for Men, Ladies

Anti-Chafing Cream: It's Not Just for Men, Ladies

Summer is on its way and that means hot weather and the outdoor activities that come along with it.

While we love getting physical outside, chafing can be a huge problem. Any ladies who have experienced even a bit of "thigh rub" know this all too well. You don't even need to be during anything heavy-duty. A long walk in shorts or a skirt is enough to do some serious damage to your sensitive skin. 

Anti-chafing cream is the way to go for anyone who doesn't want to slow down their summer activity itinerary for a bit of annoying chafing pain

Do you have any summer activities planned? Keep reading to learn whether or not some anti-chafing balm should be in your supply kit.

What Causes Chafing for Ladies?

There are so many different kinds of chafing that ladies can get that can really put a damper on an otherwise fun day. 

Chafing feels almost like a bad sunburn, but where your clothes need to go. This means that your tight-fitting workout gear won't be working for you for the duration of the irritation. 

Chafing is almost unavoidable without some kind of barrier (like anti-chafing cream or ointment). It can be caused by pretty much anything that isn't sitting perfectly still and naked in an air-conditioned room. 

If your clothing is too tight or too loose, you can experience chafing. If you do any kind of repetitive motions, you can experience chafing. If you do heavy exercise with any kind of frequency, you'll have some chafing (and if you're not careful, you can build up a rough skin in some sensitive areas because of that chafing!). 

If you're brand new to exercising, you can chafe when you first get started. On the flip side, if you've been exercising for a while, overdeveloped muscles can also cause chafing. If your skin is too dry? Chafing. If your skin is damp from sweat? You guessed it. Chafing. 

In short, there's no real way to avoid it if you're trying to be a moderately active person. 

Thigh Chafing: Isn't It the Worst?

If you don't have a thigh gap (and sometimes even if you do) you've probably experienced the dreaded thigh chafe.

You don't even have to be particularly active to have this happen. One very sweaty walk or bike ride is all it takes for the repetitive rubbing to cause irritation between your thighs. 

Thigh chafing can be the most irritating type of exercise-related chafing because it really puts a stopper on the rest of your activities until the pain subsides. It's hard to go for a run or perform leg-based strength-training activities when your thighs are burning up. 

Sure, there are ways to help avoid this damage. Some people wear light shorts or short leggings underneath their more flowy exercise shorts to help prevent any skin-on-skin rubbing. If you're in an area that gets really hot, though, layers probably aren't the first thing on your mind when you're headed outside for a run. 

Anti-chafing cream is the way to go. Putting just a little bit between your thighs can help provide a slick barrier against the redness and pain that can come from your next workout. 

Sports Bra Chafing: We Really Can't Win

For some women, exercising without a sports bra is an option for low-impact exercise. For most, though, even smaller chests require a bit of extra support for maximum comfort and performance.

Unfortunately, adding a sports bra also adds another problem. 

Sports bras are, by design, tight. They're generally breathable and moisture-wicking, but they're not perfect. They can frequently cause chafing around the band, on the shoulders, and even up near the sensitive skin under the arms depending on the model of the bra. Some people even experience chafing in the soft skin on the chest from the compression.

This can be frustrating for women who require a sports bra to exercise but end up in more pain afterward. 

Unlike with the thigh-chafing, there isn't really a clothing option that can solve this problem. Sports bras are undergarments, and wearing something underneath them would defeat the purpose. 

Because of this, some kind of smoothing gel or anti-chafing ointment is the best bet if you experience sports bra chafing. 

Intimate Chafing: Can That Happen?

Some women can experience chafing around the more sensitive parts of their bodies. Just like with any other kind of chafing, this is caused by clothing being too tight, too lose, too damp, or anything else that the body might take issue with.

This can be a major problem during the summer when it comes to activities like swimming or outdoor running. Bathing suit bottoms and shorts or leggings made for exercise are often tight and form-fitting. 

You can experience chafing in the creases of the thighs, underneath the bottom, or even on the vulva if it's in direct contact with your workout gear. Anywhere that fabric might move around and cause irritation, chafing is a major possibility. This isn't an area that you want to have that kind of experience.

Anti-chafing salve in areas that can be major offenders can be helpful. 

Do You Have Anti-Chafing Cream in Your Toolkit, Ladies?

If you're getting ready for a summer of fun in the sun, you need to be prepared. Anti-chafing cream is just as important as sunscreen for anyone with sensitive skin who loves to get out and be active. 

Protect yourself from painful chafing and burning by getting ahead of the problem. If you plan on being outside this summer, you owe it to yourself.

To learn more or to pick up some anti-chafing cream for yourself, check out our collection here


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