A Born to Rub Story

A Born to Rub Story

Have you ever rolled your ankle? Have you ever rolled it so badly that it ballooned into the size of grapefruit? Whether it was a mild sprain or something more serious, that ankle needs to heal. Squirrel's Nut Butter (SNB) brings the healing power with our Born to Rub (BTR), a spicy salve laced with cayenne & chiltepin peppers, arnica flowers and essential oils.

I had a really bad ankle sprain earlier this year. I was cramming to train for a big race and I didn't have the luxury of waiting out a bad ankle. Since I had to get back to training immediately, I needed a fix for my ankle. I applied Born to Rub every morning to loosen up the ankle and reduce inflammation. For the next several weeks, I applied the spicy salve before every run to increase circulation. And for at least a month after the ankle roll, I applied BTR after each run to reduce swelling and soreness from the effort. 

After you apply BTR, you should spend at least a full minute massaging the product into the problem area. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after this application! Soon after the application, you begin to feel a warm sensation in the area. The heat builds gradually and eventually gets to a noticeable level of warmth. That warmth can return hours later when it's activated by heat, so it's not uncommon to feel the warmth increase during a run or in a hot shower. 

The effects of this warmth go deeper than skin level. During my prompt return to running following my severe ankle roll, BTR application prior to a run (15-30 minutes) was really important. By activating the muscles, tendons & ligaments in my ankle ahead of the run, I was able to begin my run with a normal gait instead of a limp, ensuring that I didn't develop a second injury as a result of a compromised gait. Then, during my runs, pain levels were reduced and swelling was limited. Post-run application helped limit soreness and immobility so that I could return to pain-free training the next day. 

Next time you're struggling with an injury, rub in Born to Rub and reap its healing benefits for yourself. 


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