This Is How You Lube

This Is How You Lube

Our products prevent skin damage, restore damaged skin and promote skin health. With that variety of advantages, you can use our products in a bunch of different ways. Here are some. 

Apply our original blend and vegan blend to your face after shaving to soothe razor burn; to your lips when chapped; to your thighs, armpits, feet, toes, nipples and other regions to prevent chafing; or to restore and repair any dry skin, anywhere. SNB has been used to moisturize facial hair, to quiet squeaky door jams, and to aid in massage therapy. It can be used by backpackers, cyclists, river runners, golfers, triathletes, hikers, runners, nurses, unicyclists and bareback unicorn jockeys. 

Use our Happie Toes, laced with restorative oils like tea tree and peppermint, to restore dry, cracked skin on your feet and hands. 

Massage in our Born To Rub to quell muscle soreness and joint aches. 

And if you find other uses for our products, we want to know. Drop us a line via our Contact Us page. 


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